A review of Skechers Oswarld Clara

Skechers is one of the most innovative shoe companies that you will come across today, having recently come up with a high-end work shoe that slips on and off to fit in a clog style. Made of a light and smooth plastic foam material, it is a combination of unparalleled craftsmanship and durable materials for the purpose of meeting customer satisfaction.


The upper section is made of some plastic material, which is flexible and waterproof. In an area prone to rain and water spillages, therefore, it is the perfect shoe type that will offer comfort and unmatched functionality all day. Comfort is further enhanced by a contoured polyurethane insole which can be detached when cleaning the shoe.

Made of a slip-resistant sole, this is enough to offer all the protection that you need especially in a work environment where you are prone to slip as a result of spillages and an overly smooth terrain. Its slip resistance standard has been tested using the ASTM Mark II standards and is, therefore, ideal for use in most work settings.


Work shoes are meant to offer you the perfect fit because you will have them on for an extended period. These Skechers have a roomy toe, which takes care of all individuals with a big toe. With the right size, therefore, you will not feel squeezed and steamy especially during hot weather. There is a padded collar included at the upper end, which enhances comfort as well.

Skechers Oswarld Clara


Visual appeal is perhaps one of the considerations that you make when buying work shoes because no one compromises good looks. Skechers Oswarld Clara will offer this in one package, thanks to the embossed detail that gives its outer surface an appealing look. Despite being a highly affordable shoe, its looks and comfort are never compromised.

An open-backed design

This brand offers this open-backed design to take care of users who may be suffering various medical conditions. If you experience a bone spur in the back of your Achilles tendon for instance, this open-backed shoe is all you will need until you recover. The shoe however features a 1-inch built-in design, which may not be ideal for someone who needs a lot of support. If you suffer some heel pains, therefore, it is advisable to look for a shoe that offers optimal support.

Ease of use

These are the best shoes for someone who is always on the go. Considering a lifestyle where you are ever in a hurry such as life in the nursing field, all you need is to slip your feet into these flexible shoes and you will be set for work. The shoe has a comfortable and molded structure, not forgetting a padded footbed that will offer a light feeling as you undertake everyday activities.

If you work in an environment where hygiene is a big consideration, these shoes are endowed with a nitrile rubber slip resistant outsole that will not leave any scuff marks on the floor no matter the conditions at the workplace. If you are on prescription orthotic arch supports, these shoes will take care of all your needs because the insoles are removable, which means you can conveniently use your orthotics in them. However, the shoes are not made in a wide-width version and may therefore not offer the best kind of fit to someone with broad feet.


It has an embossed detail, offering an unmatched visual appealing

The cushioned comfort insole is removable, which makes the shoe easy to clean and ideal for users that are on prescription orthotic arch supports

The shoe has a slip-resistant rubber outsole which prevents users from accidental slips in all work settings

It has a cushioned footbed that offers optimal comfort


These shoes do not have a wide-width version and may not be ideal for someone with wider feet

They have a 1-inch built-in heel, a kind of design that does not offer enough support especially to someone with heel pains

The verdict

If you are looking for a slip-on shoe that is good-looking and easy to use, then this is the right brand. Offering both comfort and style, it is a high-end shoe that will protect you from accidental slips while providing all the functionalities that you would desire at the workplace.



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