Best Dansko Slip Resistant Shoes for Women

Some people think that slip resistant shoes are only necessary for certain professions, depending on their workplace. However, did you know that anyone, regardless of the job or workplace condition, can benefit from this type of footwear? Thus, you can find a range of Dansko slip resistant shoes for women that come in various styles such as sneakers, boots, clogs and other footwear types with slip resistant soles.
These shoes are guaranteed to keep you stable and protected from falls, as these are tested in laboratories to make sure they can handle various surfaces including wet, oily and dry. If you are on feet working in a hospital or restaurant kitchen all day, wearing slip-resistant shoes is a must, considering the tougher floor surface you walk on all day. This is why employees based on occupational settings can rely more on the safety that slip resistant footwear can offer.

Even if you are not a restaurant or hospital worker, you can get maximum comfort, ease, and support from slip resistant shoe. There is a wide selection of casual dress shoes and sneakers with nonslip soles, as well as boots and work shoes with Vibram rubber outsoles designed to protect you from wet outdoor surfaces. These are all made possible by Dansko, which is one of the leading brands of footwear when it comes to slip resistant components for your safety and comfort.

When you need outstanding arch support, thick sole to protect your feet from injury or excellent comfort for standing or walking all day, then you can be sure that Dansko is the right footwear brand for you. There are even models of shoes with a rocker sole for enhanced comfort and support on your feet at all times.

Here are among the top-rated Dansko shoes for women with slip resistant features for your maximum comfort and satisfaction.

Dansko Pro XP

Dansko Pro XPThe Dansko Pro XP comes with leather uppers that are soft and smooth against your skin, which adds to your comfort. The toe box is also quite roomy, and with plenty of space, your toes can wiggle and not become prone to cramps especially for those people who spend hours on their feet.
The footbed is padded, and there is memory foam for enhanced cushioning and support. You can also wear your custom or standard orthotics with these shoes so that you can have a customized fit for optimum comfort. Moreover, there is an inner frame in the shoe that ensures your stability while minimizing torque.

The outsole is made of a high-quality rubber that is tested for slip resistant. There is also a rocker bottom that eliminates fatigue, and this should support you enough to stay mobile all day. Overall, these shoes are lightweight, which means you do not have to feel as though you are dragging your feet all the time.


Dansko ADRIANAAs part of the Sonoma Collection, the Dansko Adriana is simply elegant, supportive and comfortable, with the signature slip resistant sole that Dansko is famous for. The uppers of these clogs are made of soft leather, and there is a tuckboard combined with the steel shank to keep you stable. What’s more, there is a smooth, breathable and durable lining incorporated in the interior to add to your comfort.
The midsole has lightweight polyurethane material that does boost not only your comfort level but also offer energy return and shock support. There is also ample support from the footbed, as this portion of the shoe is ergonomically contoured with triple density component. You can even remove this part to make some room for your custom orthotics. With the lightweight outsole that is slip-resistant and stable, you can experience greater ease of movement from the Dansko Adriana.

Dansko Elise from Sedona Collection

Dansko EliseWhen you need casual shoes for your hike or a leisure stroll in the mall or the park, these sneakers by Dansko should be a perfect choice. The Dansko Elise is made of high-quality leather and suede uppers that are resistant to stain. Keeping the shoe well-maintained is clean and easy, and all you need is to wipe it with a damp cloth to remove dirt and dust.

The footbed is fully contoured with EVA, and the EVA midsole is lightweight to minimize fatigue. To ensure the flexibility, these shoes come with Strobel construction that adds to your comfort and support. Lastly, the rubber outsole is slip-resistant to keep you protected no matter how unpredictable the surface floor condition is.


Dansko CAMELLIAIf you need a quality nursing shoe that is slip resistant and long wearing, the Dansko Camellia is a great option. These shoes are a bit cheaper in price, as compared to the Original Dansko, but you can expect total satisfaction from this product. There are rubber pads in these shoes, and the footwear is tested for a broad range of indoor surfaces such as oily, wet and dry.

Your feet stay fresh and clean all day, thanks to the special lining in these shoes that wicks away moisture while eliminating odor. The Aegis Microbe Shield, combined with organic odor control components make sure your feet remain dry and fresh even if you have to wear these shoes all day.

There is a removable PU foam for the footbed that suits most orthotics. This component also absorbs shock while promoting energy return with every step. Lightweight and supportive, you can expect great comfort from wearing these shoes in the workplace.

Dansko Sabrina Sneaker

Dansko SabrinaChic and comfortable, these athletic sneakers by Dansko are made of waterproof suede combined with mesh material for the upper. Also, there are reflective stripes incorporated in the outer portion to enhance your protection when worn for night jogging. You can also adjust the fit through the lace-up closure, and these shoes are waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry.

The uppers are made of suede that is treated to resist stain, which makes this part of the shoe easy to clean and maintain. There is a Poron cushioning for maximum comfort, Strobel construction for flexibility and removable footbed for added arch support. With Dri-Lex Eco lining and organic odor control components, your feet will remain protected, fresh, clean and comfortable for hours.

Dansko ANNIE

Dansko ANNIEMaking it in this list of slip resistant shoes for women by Dansko, this model of footwear is made of soft leather uppers with slip-resistant and lightweight outsole for your comfort. The PU midsole is also lighter in weight, but it never fails to offer energy return, efficiency in movement and shock support.
There is a tuckboard in the shoe with steel shank component to keep you stable, and the footbed can be removed for your custom orthotics. For your enhanced comfort, there is a breathable lining in these shoes, which makes also wicks away moisture and sweat.


When it comes to the best Dansko slip resistant shoes for women standing and walking hours on the concrete floor, these products are worth looking into because of their excellent features and benefits. You never go wrong with a Dansko footwear, and you will be able to expect quality results and value for every dollar that you spend.

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