Best Orthopedic Shoes for Women

Orthopedic shoes are designed to accommodate those who have issues with their feet, such as swelling, soreness or other chronic conditions. Acting to provide comfort and support while constantly keeping in mind the needs of potential problems brought on by wearing shoes, the orthopedic shoe helps provide relief and support for millions of people with a broad range of foot conditions the world over. Standard features of orthopedic shoes include a wide and deep toe box for a roomy fit and no toe cramping. The wide toe box also provides ample room for issues such as bunions, hammer toes, irregularly shaped feet and similar issues. This is all combined with excellent arch and heel support and general quality support across the entire shoe. Below, we’ll take a look at two of the best orthopedic walking shoes for women.

Orthopedic shoes are typically made with a removable insert which can be used as is or customized with your preferred or prescription orthopedic insert to better accommodate the needs of your feet. Selecting the proper orthopedic can make the difference between shoes being a pleasure to wear and an absolute discomfort. It is important to do some experimentation to find exactly what works for you or consult a doctor or other professional for more in-depth and specific advice.

If you need a sneaker for running and walking, Asics sneakers are great orthopedic shoes because they offer removable insoles. For dress shoes, you can wear Hush Puppies, for work Keens and for Boots Aetrix. Dr.Comfort and Drew Shoes also offer many styles of Orthopedic Shoes for Women.

Dr. Comfort Victory Orthopedic Walking Shoe for Women

Dr. Comfort Victory

One of the best orthopedic shoes for women, Dr. Comfort Victory, comes with a removable footbed for your custom orthotics. The footwear features the distinctly sophisticated style and excellent craftsmanship that this brand is known for since its inception. As this is a therapeutic shoe, you can be sure to get maximum protection, support, and comfort that you look for in an orthopedic footwear.
A leather and mesh combination for the upper, these shoes allow your feet to “breathe.” If you have to wear your shoes for hours, you should experience nothing but sheer comfort since there is no feeling of having your feet cramped in such a tiny space. Walking is also rather easy with these shoes, as there is a gel insert included. You will get additional support to your feet, which only an excellent orthopedic footwear can offer.

Designed as an athletic walking shoe, you should be able to experience the ease in walking with this product. You will love to stroll along the park or the mall with these shoes on, and not a hint of discomfort is bound to come. What’s more, there is padded lining, Velcro strap and adjustable lace closure, and removable inserts in these shoes. Available from 4 to 12 in sizes and various widths from A to 2E, it should be a breeze to find the right pair that suits you perfectly.

Asics Gel Ventures Orthopedic Shoe for Overpronation

Asics Gel VenturesAnother highly recommended shoe to keep you adequately supported with every step, the Asics Gel Ventures is a designed for people with a neutral gait or those who suffer from underpronation issues. There is a durable mesh on the upper, combined with synthetic materials for enhanced comfort. Moreover, the tongue and collar are padded to offer comfort and support.

There is a removable foam insole that allows you to position your custom orthotics securely. What’s more, there is a GEL cushioning system in the rearfoot area, and this impacts shock properly, which results in a smoother transition to your midstance. This is an important feature that minimizes your risks of experiencing pain and discomfort each time you walk or run.

The interior portion of this shoe comes with breathable features, which is essential to keep your feet fresh and dry. For instance, the lining is made of breathable fabric, and you should no longer need to worry about having sweaty feet at the end of the day. As for the outsole, it is trail-specific, which means there are reversed lugs that provide excellent traction whether you are headed downhill or uphill a wide range of terrain. Most importantly, the rubber outsole is durable and made of high abrasion rubber that is a unique component in Asics footwear.

Hush Puppies Burlesque Orthopedic Dress Shoe

Hush Puppies Burlesque Orthopedic dress shoeWhen it comes to quality and comfortable best orthopedic dress shoes for women, you can never go wrong with Hush Puppies. In particular, the Burlesque slip-on  shoes are loaded a wide variety of features that all work towards giving you maximum comfort, support, and ease with each step you make. The midsole is lightweight, with shock-absorbing features to boost performance while minimizing risks of discomfort. In fact, the midsole is very light, and it is nearly weightless. This reduces drag when you walk or run, which is an essential quality that offers you comfort.

The footbed is made of molded EVA, and you can remove this portion anytime you want to accommodate your custom orthotics. There is also a sock lining with microfiber components that enhance your comfort. You should experience nothing but lasting comfort and satisfaction whenever you hit the road with these shoes on.

As for the aesthetics, there is tonal stitching along with textured and smooth leather uppers. The footwear exudes a vintage look with these components, as well as the pleats incorporated in the exterior for detailing purposes. The Zero G wedge unit and textured outsole all work together in giving you optimum comfort, traction, and support all day long.

Dr. Comfort Cuddle Orthopedic Therapeutic Slippers

 Dr. Comfort Cuddle Therapeutic SlippersMade of nubuck, these therapeutic slippers by Dr. Comfort may be one of the finest footwear you can find on the market today. There are numerous features in this product that you will love as these address your needs for optimum comfort. For instance, the footbed has an extra-depth design, and this offers relief and comfort to your tired and swollen feet. There is also the gel insert that serves as cushioning to your underfoot, so you will not feel as though you are stepping on hard surfaces all the time you have these slippers on.

Another feature of this product is the microfiber upper with fleece lining that provides maximum support and comfort all day. The toe box offers protection, and the outsole protects you from slippage, which means you can count on your safety all day.

These are great components and features of the product that make these as among the best orthopedic shoes for women. Indeed, you will experience nothing but ease of movement and comfort with every step you make because of the supportive features that these slippers offer – perfect for those who want to free themselves from painful and tired feet all day.

Drew Shoe Helia Orthopedic Shoes for Women

Drew Shoe Helia Orthopedic Shoes for WomenThe Drew Shoe Women’s Helia is an excellent all around walking orthopedic shoe which combines superior comfort and supports expected of orthopedics with a bit of stylistic flair that makes the Helia complimentary to most attire.

Designed as an athletic shoe, the Women’s Helia’s are the perfect pair for all day wear or even maybe for a bit of light jogging. They also come in handy at the gym. Each pair features removable insoles which can double the depth of the shoe bed and provide plenty of room for custom orthotics. Drilex and AEGIS Microbe Shield combine to keep the shoe odor free and reduce moisture. The lightweight rubber outsole provides an excellent amount of bounce in your step while the EVA rubber midsole reinforces the shock absorption.

The entire shoe is excellently cushioned, including the tongue and collar. The padded tongue and collar provide nice comfort even when the shoe is tightened. Extended medial heel stabilizer and tempered steel shank provide additional stability and support.

Orthofeet Tahoe Tie-Less Athletic Walking Shoe orthopedic shoes for Women

Orthofeet Tahoe Tie-Less Athletic Walking ShoeOrthofeet, a company, specializing in quality orthotic footwear, truly hit the ball out of the park with the Orthofeet Women’s Tahoe Tie-Less Athletic Walking Shoe. This fantastically comfortable shoe provides all the room and adaptability expected of a quality orthotic shoe with the flexibility, support and comfort of an all-day wear athletic walking shoe. With a pair of Orthofeet Women’s Tahoe Tie-Less Athletic Walking Shoes on, you’ll practically forget about your problem feet and be able to walk for miles.

The tie-less lacing system makes for quick work of slipping the shoes on or off, with a series of hook and loop straps easily tightening or loosening the shoe. The inside of the shoe is coated with a plush polyester lining with extra padding to keep the foot comfortable. Orthofeet’s Ergonomic Stride technology is found on the outside of the shoe, acting to help provide the foot with a more natural gait and, as the name implies, a comfortable stride which helps propel the foot forward while enhancing stability. Orthofeet’s Anatomical Ortho-Step insole provides excellent support and shock absorption, but can easily be removed, and the shoe is more than adequate to accommodate custom or prescription orthotic inserts.


Once upon a time, prescription orthotics was something of a sentence to wear hideous footwear. Fortunately, today the market is plentifully provided with excellent solutions for orthotic footwear which provide not only the comfort and pain ease properties of orthotics but also have a sense of style. In this brief article, we’ve examined two pairs of the best orthotic walking shoes for women. Hopefully, this guide has given you some idea of what is available and what to look for in a pair of quality orthotic walking shoes for women. Selecting the right pair of orthotics can make a session of all day wear go from an exercise in agony to a fantastic experience on your feet!


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