Best Sandals for Walking and Standing all Day

Whether you are at work or the mall walking and standing all day, wearing the sandals that offer comfort is essential. These sandals will keep your feet in excellent condition during hot summer days by preventing cramps or strain on your muscles. Moreover, you will feel comfortable even if you need to walk all day wearing sandals that provide excellent arch support. Just be sure to buy a pair that fits you perfectly, which means it is not too tight or too loose. This way, you can gain maximum benefits on your health and the best value for your money, as well.

For some people, choosing a pair of sandals shouldn’t be a tough ordeal. They usually go for their favorite brand, or perhaps the most popular one, and then pick the pair that best suits their taste. It’s all about aesthetics, in most cases. But there are also plenty of people who take things up a notch and do thorough research before buying. They understand that finding the best pair of sandals should mean considering aesthetics, comfort, and cost.

If you are in search for the best for walking and standing all day, then the following products may be worth buying. These are great sandals that are perfect for work, travel or everyday use, particularly when you need a comfortable pair of shoes that provides cushion and superb arch support.

Aravon Katy Sandals from New BalanceIf you need sandals for standing all day, then try Aravon Katy. These open toe shoes are made of premium leathers with adjustable three velcro straps, heel strap, and a vamp. The inside is lined with a soft breathable fabric material. The footbed is removable and you can insert orthotics. The footbed is made of EVA which is molded for comfort and support. The cushioned footbed is soft and both sides provide support.There is a stability fiberglass shank for additional support. The outsole is made of a polyurethane which helps in absorbing shock and provides grip. The heel height is 1.5 inches. These sandals are lightweight and weigh only 9 OZ.

These sandals are dressy enough to be worn at work and casual enough for wearing around the house. These sandals are not very stylish but they are reliable and comfortable.

In conclusion, these Katy sandals from New Balance are comfortable, supportive that can be adjusted to any size of the foot due to the velcro straps. These sandals are good for problem feet. They squeak which is the only drawback.

Dansko Katy 2 Sandal for Standing All Day

Dansko Katy 2 Sandal for Standing All DayMost women swear by the superior comfort they can get from this brand of walking sandals. Dansko Katy 2 offers exceptional arch support on your feet, so you can stand for hours without feeling any strain on your legs and ankles. What’s more, you can choose from a wide range of Dansko shoe styles and heel height, which means you can select the best one that suits you perfectly.

As for the materials used in these sandals, they come in different types such as leather. Two adjustable straps create a custom fit, and the EVA dual density foam padded footbed offers secure support throughout the day. The leather inside-layer automatically resists dampness for additional comfort while hardwearing polyurethane rubber outsoles provide solid traction that holds-up against various terrains. With well-built exterior, you can walk in style and comfort with these Dansko Katy 2 sandals.

Just looking at this sandal makes you want to clear out your shoe collection and fill it entirely with the beauty and comfort of Dansko. Savor the freedom of spring-summer weather in style with this Dansko Sandal. This easy to take off and on sandal with excellent arch support is a traveler’s dream. It’s a great shoe for a warm day. Wear them with a summer dress, jeans, casual slacks, or shorts. It’s an all-around shoe for everyday wear.

Birkenstock Mayari Sandals

Birkenstock Mayari SandalsWhen it comes to great sandals for standing all day, the Birkenstock Mayari soft footbed offers outstanding features that will ensure your comfort while wearing these sandals. With synthetic sole and suede, you can expect the footwear to be just as comfortable on your feet as you want it to be. There is also EVA outsole for enhanced traction, along with adjustable buckles for a customized fit. The footbed is also supportive and designed according to the contours of your feet.

The aesthetics of these sandals will surely meet your high standards. With a smooth and iridescent finish, you will love the stunning appearance of these sandals that you can wear without experiencing any hint of pain or discomfort at all. You will love the cork footbed molded for a personalized fit, and the suede lining is smooth against your skin.

Whenever you want to put on a comfortable pair of footwear, you can count on these sandals all the time. There are two suede straps that you can adjust to make the sandals tighter or looser, and the EVA midsole provides optimum stability and comfort. As for the outsole, it provides optimum traction to spare you from injuries. With the outstanding construction and premium materials of these sandals, you can be sure that this product will last for a long time.

Birkenstock is a renowned brand of sandals that are perfect to wear for casual or everyday situations. However, there is something pleasantly surprising about the Birkenstock Mayari, which comes with chic embellishments and style. Its metallic straps, for instance, vamp up the entire look of these walking sandals. The style is certainly not something like you have seen before from other sandal models by this brand.

Although there were some changes with the style and design of these sandals, you can still expect the same level of comfort as with other Birkenstock sandals. With its contoured footbed made of firm cork, shock-absorbing foot support, and elevated toe bar, these sandals for women are suitable for those who live an active lifestyle.

Kayla Naot Footwear

Kayla Naot FootwearAre you in search of comfy sandals that will fit your narrow feet? Then the Kayla Naot is just what you need. These sandals are ideal for narrower feet because of the smaller sizing, but you can also wear these if you have a little bit wider feet – just be sure to purchase a sandal that is half a size larger than your regular size.

The moment you take these sandals out of the box, you should find these comfortable to wear. There is no such thing as a break in period with the sandal, and you can customize the fit by adjusting the velcro fastener located at the ankle. Perfect for the summer season, or for those who suffer from plantar fasciitis, the Kayla Naot will keep you adequately supported all day long.

Comfortable and supportive, there is a soft footbed to protect your feet from fatigue, particularly when you are walking for hours during your travels. The sole is shock-absorbent, and the upper has breathable natural leather material to keep feet dry and fresh.

The Naot Footwear Kayla offers a brilliant mix of style and sheer comfort with these women’s sandals. At first glance, you will be blown away by the glamorous design of these sandals made of fine leather to flatter your outfits. The outsole is made of durable and flexible rubber material, which helps resist wear and tear to ensure the amazing look of your shoes even after several years of everyday use.

If you think you cannot handle wearing high heels, then you should try these sandals. Even with a heel height of 1 1 /2 inches, you will stay at ease in these sandals because of the exceptional support they offer. The footbed even comes with moisture-wicking features that add to your satisfaction even if you have to wear the footwear for hours.

Clarks Lexi Myrtle Sandal

Clarks Lexi Myrtle SandalOnce the summer season starts, or whenever you need comfortable footwear that looks great whether in a formal or business setting, then the Clarks Lexi Myrtle is a fine option. This is an everyday sandal that comes with good arch support and offers maximum comfort even when you stand for hours. These slip-on sandals are strapless, thus making these easy to put on and remove when you are always on the go. Comfortable and wide enough to give your toes plenty of room to move around, this product is true to size and perfect for daily use.
Most people who have purchased this item were impressed by the appearance of the sandals. The footwear is cute and stylish, and you will love to put on these sandals for a leisure walk on the beach or the park this summer. However, these shoes can be a bit wide, so for those who have narrower feet, these sandals may not be a suitable choice.
Another feature that you will like this product is the Ortholite footbed, which has a messaging feature to your feet. This means as you make each step, your feet are massaged and kept comfortable at all times. The softest fabric lining prevents abrasion or bruises on your feet. As for the upper, it is made of top quality leather, embellished with bead detail for a chic appeal. These are comfortable sandals that you can wear right out of the box – no break in necessary at all.

Teva Neota Sandal

Teva Neota SandalWhenever you travel, it helps to have a good pair of sandals that do not limit your mobility. With so many places to visit and explore, the Teva Neota is an outstanding companion. These sandals are adjustable, which enables you to get the right fit you want for additional comfort and support. You will also appreciate the lightweight component of these shoes, so there is no such thing as having any trouble with heavyweight footwear that is quite a drag to walk on.
There are three straps in these sandals, and all you need is to adjust these according to your desired fit. The lining is made of neoprene, and it is soft and soothing against the skin. As for the bottom or the outsole, it is cushioned to provide you with maximum balance and stability.
A bit dressier that your average sandals, the footwear is perfect for any occasion. No matter how many hours you walk, you will not end up going through blisters since the lining is very soft to the touch. The smooth material located under the straps also offers additional padding to eliminate discomfort and pain. Versatile and stylish, the sandals will look amazing with your denim pants, shorts or skirt.
When you need a pair of sandals that is easy to wear and comfortable, the Teva Neota will never disappoint. There is good arch support, adjustable, and has a soft step. Even if you have flat feet or bunions, you will find these sandals great to wear for hours. The rubber outsole also has enough traction to prevent you from slipping.

Skechers shape ups sandals for Women

Skechers shape up sandalsIf you want a comfortable pair of footwear for casual activities, then these Shape-Ups sandals by Skechers are your best bet. There is a smooth upper made of leather, and it is adjustable to get a customized fit. This sandal has a strappy design that is not only supportive but also quite athletic at the same time. You will love the open side and toe panels, which add to the breathability of the footwear. Other design features of these shoes include the triangular side rings, Skechers logo found on the footbed, and a contrast stitching detail.

These sandals are perfect to wear at the beach, the mall, or when you go out with friends at some restaurants. It should be comfortable to walk around with this footwear because of the smooth and cushioned footbed, which also has memory foam for enhancing comfort. The Kinetic Wedge soft foam in the midsole helps absorb shock, and this is beneficial when you need additional support to your feet. Also, the midsole comes with a low profile, which is about 1 1/4 inch at the center, so this should offer you maximum comfort that you need.

The outsole is made of rubber for enhanced durability and stability. You can also expect optimum traction from this feature, and this should give you natural propulsion for a smoother and more efficient gait cycle. With all of these practical features, you should experience the level of comfort, ease, support and protection that you need from a high-quality pair of footwear such as this product.

Chaco Vibram Yampa Sandals

Chaco Vibram Yampa SandalsOne of the brand’s most popular products is the Chaco Vibram Yampa Sandals. You might be wondering: Why should I buy this pair when there are a lot of other choices out there which are cheaper and also durable? The thing is, you have to try Chaco’s footwear to fully appreciate it. Their collection might look like just any other sandals, but once you wear it, you’ll realize why it garners so much love from its long list of satisfied customers.

You’ve probably experienced having a hard time taking long walks due to your footwear. You might even be hurting your feet and ankles when you walk endlessly especially on pavement. This may come as a surprise if you just bought a good pair of sandals. The footwear you bought might have been branded as extremely comfortable and durable, but as soon as you test them, you can’t help but feel you’ve wasted your money.

This is something you won’t ever experience with the Chaco Vibram Yampa Sandals. This particular Chaco product is lightweight and slip resistant. It features their patented LUVSEAT footbed to hold your feet static. It also sports quick-drying polyester webbing, which means you can take long walks along the beach and not worry about your sandals being wet for several hours.

This pair of Chaco sandals also provides outstanding arch support, which also has an impact on your overall body alignment. It’s interesting to think how a good pair of sandals can help improve your body alignment and reduce the amount of stress in different areas of your body.

It’s also heartwarming to know that Chaco cares for the environment. In fact, 3% of their after-tax profits are donated to charities and organizations dedicated to caring for the planet. They also constantly look for ways to make their manufacturing process as environment-friendly as possible. For instance, they have sized the outsole to the midsole to eliminate the trimming process and bring down the amount of waste.

David Tate Yknot

Unleash the fashionista in you with these sandals by David Tate. The Yknot sandal offers an elaborate style on the upper portion with its knotted design to make your feet look even more gorgeous. With the fantastic and trendy style of these sandals, the footwear can go well with almost any outfits whether you wear a colorful sundress, skinny jeans, or capris pants.

The slingback feature of these sandals adds to the right fit of this pair of footwear while the buckle closure may be adjusted depending on how tight or how loose you want it to be. The footbed is cushioned to provide you with ease and comfort all day.

Munro American Darian

Another fine choice for an exceptional pair of footwear for women is the Munro American Darian brand of walking sandals. Featuring a gladiator style, this product is ideal for fashion-forward women who prefer sandals that are out of the ordinary. From the exterior to the interior part of the sandals, you will find these are ideal sandals.

These sandals for women are made of a combination of various materials including metallic leather, printed patent leather, and premium leather, as well as elastic straps for an exceptional fit. With latex rubber soles for steady traction and shock-absorbing footbed, you can obtain optimum comfort while walking in style with these sandals.

With these brands and models of walking sandals for women, you can have a fashionable pair of footwear without sacrificing your comfort and convenience.

Bottom Line

These best sandals for standing all day are your best bet whether it is the summer season, or you just want a pair of comfy footwear for long walks. Just make it a point to get the right size you need to achieve perfect fit and value for your money.

If you are looking for a great pair of sandals, you should definitely look into the products of Chaco. The brand has been known for their high quality, comfortable, and functional footwear. You can rest assured that the Chaco sandals you choose will last for years to come.

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