Best Shoes for Retail Workers

If you’re a women retail worker, you know well the quest for finding the best shoes for retail workers. You’re on your feet for hours on end and over the course of time your feet and ankles may become sore. Without proper support, your knees may also become sore. Thus, it’s vital to know where to look for the proper footwear for your job. It’s important to wear comfortable shoes when you’re at work. Your job may require specific shoe styles and types which can further complicate things. You’ll want to ensure that you’re getting the most comfortable shoes for your money and that you’re staying in compliance with what your specific job requires or allows you to wear.

You won’t want to compromise arch support or easy to slip on and off shoes in your quest to find the perfect shoe. If you do make this type of compromise you’re sure to feel the pain in your knees, ankles, arches and back at a later time in the day. It’s not really worth it to have to suffer at the end of the day when you could have simply chosen a more comfortable shoe and alleviated all of the difficulty by doing so. Should your job require you to go from one floor to another or from one building to another you’re also going to want these shoes to be ideal for walking or running. They should offer a non-slip grip on the bottom while providing you with plenty of arch support and cushioning on your foot.

In order to find the perfect shoe, you’re going to have to make sure that you’re evaluated for the specific arch type and the pronation of your foot. This will require a professional shoe person to check all of this for you before you commit to a specific shoe. A professional will measure your foot and check your arches for how high or low they are. They will also watch you walk across the floor and check for pronation. If you’re having any issues they will let you know exactly what you should be looking for in a shoe and they may also have some recommendations for you when you’re shoe shopping.

There will be many options for you when it comes to shoes and it depends on how much time you’re spending on your feet, you may wish to seek out Dansko, Alegria, Skechers Shape-ups or even Skechers for additional support to your arches and ankles. Each shoe offers its own version of support and you’ll want to choose what is best for you and your needs.

Here are some examples to help get you started on your quest to find the best shoes for retail workers for women.


  1. New Balance 626v2

New Balance 626v2 women retail worker

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If you don’t care what your shoes look like, and are seeking comfort, you may wish to consider these New Balance sneakers. They are very comfortable and provide plenty of support. However, they aren’t the prettiest in shoes so if you’re looking for style, you may wish to pass these up. However, if you don’t care how your feet look and your only goal is the comfort, these may well fit the ticket for you.


  1. Klogs Footwear Mission

Klogs Footwear Mission

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These are very comfortable with a nice rubber sole. However, they are a bit higher priced than many other brands. Still, if you’re looking for a nice arch support in a nice leather clog, this may be what you’re looking for. According to the vendor, these are a bit wider than the average shoe so you may wish to order a size down if you prefer a tighter fit.


  1. SKECHERS Skech Air Supreme

SKECHERS Skech Air Supreme

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This ideal lace-up shoe is a bit less expensive than the previous shoe (but not a lot less). It’s ideal if you’re working in a warehouse or running from one floor to another. However, keep in mind that it does look more like a sneaker than a professional shoe so if you’re required to wear a more professional looking shoe you may not be able to wear these. They are comfortable and offer plenty of cushiony support for your feet.


  1. Clarks Un.loop

Clarks Un.loop

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These shoes connect with a loop over a button and they are very comfortable if you’re going to be standing 8 or more hours at work. While not the most trendy, they will work well with most wardrobes. A bit higher priced than their counterparts they offer both support and a bit of fashion all in one.


  1. Clarks Wallabee

Clarks Women's Wallabee Chukka Boot

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Available in three colors you’re sure to find a pair of these that you love. Some call them “ugly-cute” while others simply so comfortable who cares how they look? Sporting a half inch heel these all leather uppers are designed to fit comfortably. Lace-up design allows users to customize the exact fit across the top of the foot.


  1. Keen Presidio

Keen Presidio

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These shoes come in four colors so you’re sure to match just about anything in your wardrobe. Priced at just over $100 you’re sure to appreciate the comfort and style of this shoe. Offering an all leather upper with superior arch support, if you’re trying to blend in and match several items in your wardrobe you may find that these are the ideal solution. Professional enough looking for retail, comfortable enough for everyday wear you’re sure to appreciate all of the care and design that’s gone into this shoe.


  1. Aravon Maya

Aravon Maya

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These are available in a variety of styles and designs. If you’re looking for a shoe that will go from dress wear to casual wear, this may well be the shoe. Not quite the casual sandal and a bit nicer than a Maryjane, these shoes offer a strap across the top stopping just short of a high heel design. You’re sure to love the comfort and durability of this shoe. Available as black leather or a croc you’ll find this shoe from size 6 to 12 and everywhere in between. Priced at just about $150 it may be the only shoe you require for work if you’re on your feet all day long.


  1. Crocs Kadee Work Flat

Crocs Kadee Work Flat


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If you have wide feet and want some comfort, you may love these flats. Not quite a croc and not quite a slip on, these shoes come somewhere in between and offer up both comfort and durability. Most people won’t realize that these are actually a form of crocs. They are comfortable to wear and will work well for anyone who has to be on their feet on concrete all day long. Very reasonably priced you’re sure to appreciate the value of this shoe. You can find them at about $35 online. You’ll likely want more than one pair of these.


  1. Birkenstocks Gizeh Sandals

Birkenstocks Gizeh Sandals

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If you’re into Birkenstocks, this may well be the ideal solution for you. Trendy and comfortable, they meld the hippie style of yesteryear into today’s modern era. Priced from just under $100 to just over $100 you’re sure to find a style, design, and color that suits your wardrobe and your job requirements. Beware, however, the sole of this shoe molds to your foot so the first few days that you wear them may be a bit uncomfortable. You may wish to “break them in” for a few days prior to wearing this shoe to work. Otherwise, you’re going to have some pretty sore feet when you arrive home. Once they are broken in, however, you’re going to love them and this will be your “go to” shoe from here on out.


10. Dansko Tilda

Dansko Tilda

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This dressy looking slip on offers fine arch support and is priced at the high price but worth the money. Ideal for dresses and slacks or even jeans, they may well fit the bill for the job requirements in a fashion retail store. If you’re running from one floor to another or working in a warehouse they offer plenty of support while still looking stylish. Durable foam supports that won’t flatten out, you’re sure to find plenty of comfort in these shoes.

Finding the best shoes for retail workers can be a huge challenge. You’ll have to know what your company requires and what your options are. Many companies require a fancy shoe or a dress shoe but you’re still required to be on your feet all day long.

The above shoes offer you plenty of alternatives and choices in finding an ideal shoe for your needs. From dress shoes to comfortable everyday shoes, we’ve included several options for you to choose from. You’re sure to find the ideal shoe when you read the above reviews and do your research.

Many people prefer to choose one or more of the above styles and rotate their footwear. This is a great idea as it allows the shoe time to air out and freshen up between wears.

Whether your budget is on the low end or high end, you’re sure to find the best shoes for retail workers if you choose from one of the above-reviewed shoes.

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