Best Walking Shoes for Flat Feet Women

The best walking shoes for flat feet women should make every stride and step you make comfortable and free from any pain. Before you take your pick on which footwear to buy, you may want to learn more about the causes and issues linked with flat feet. Primarily, flat feet are a common condition among individuals, but it is not usually associated with pain. This condition occurs when the arches of your feet do not develop properly during childhood. Some people suffer from flat feet after undergoing injury. As for others, this issue arises due to wear and tear as one age.

Having flat feet can result in some problems in either your knees or ankles. One of the primary sources of this issue is the misalignment of the legs. Although this condition is not normal, there should not be any need for treatment when there is no pain involved. What’s more, flat feet do not usually require any treatment or invasive medical procedure.

It is also worth noting that flat feet are commonly linked with overpronation issues. Some rare instances among flat-footed individuals can be attributed to underpronation. In case there is no pain associated with this condition, all you need to do is to have your gait evaluated at a local running shoe store. You may have to bring along your worn out shoes to check your pronation and discover the reason why you are experiencing foot pain.

For individuals who have moderate or mild overpronation problems, stability shoes should be able to help address these concerns. However, if you suffer from severe overpronation, it is best to go for motion control type of shoes to minimize pain on your foot.

Reviews on Best walking Shoes for Flat Feet Women

Here are among the different products that are designed for people who have flat feet. All these shoes provide support and cushioning and correct overpronation.

Saucony Omni Walker for Moderate Overpronaton

Saucony Omni WalkerSaucony Grid Omni Walker is a walking shoe for the flat foot with moderate overpronation. It is a stability shoe that can help minimize the pain and discomfort by providing support and cushioned footbed. Several features add to the comfort of the footwear including a crash pad in the heel area to absorb any shock to reduce pressure on your foot. The outsole is also lightweight and stable to provide you with a smooth and natural gait.

The forefoot outsole is made of rubber, and it comes with excellent cushioning that eliminates strain on your feet. As an added benefit, there is a medial post incorporated in the footwear to control the pronation’s maximum angle, so there are less fatigue and stress on your joints and body. These shoes are made of leather for the upper, nylon for the sockliner and upper lining, rubber outsole and polyurethane for the midsole. Women with normal arches or flat feet can benefit from these shoes.

Brooks Addiction Walker for Severe Overpronation

Brooks Addiction WalkerBrooks Addiction WalkerFor women with flat feet and severe overpronation issues, the Brooks Addiction walking shoes for women may be the best choice. If your job requires you to be on your feet all day long, only the right choice of shoes can help eliminate pain and discomfort. Hence, this product suitable as it comes with remarkable cushioning and support that you need for a comfortable pair of walking shoes. There are great features included in the footwear such as the progressive diagonal rollbar to prevent overpronation while enhancing the gait cycle.

These shoes also feature an advanced technology called Hydro Flow, and this ensures shock absorption and cushioning both in the forefoot and heel. This is a silicone-based component that absorbs shock to reduce any pains on your foot. If you have flat arches, you should find this footwear comfortable to wear.

New Balance ww928v2 Walking Motion Control Shoe

New Balance ww928v2 New Balance ww928v2A suitable choice for women who need a pair of walking shoes, this model by New Balance is designed for flat-footed individuals who are also concerned about overpronation issues. The footwear features a rollbar that maintains your stability while minimizing strain on your feet. It even has ample ventilation for the interior, which allows your feet to “breathe” and stay cool for hours. This keeps the interior a comfortable and cool area for your feet even if you stay upright the whole day.

Also, this is a motion control shoe, so it reduces stress and pressure to all areas of your feet. Whether you are diabetic or flat-footed, this footwear should be the perfect option for you as it comes with every single feature that enhances your comfort all the time.

Women’s Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

Women's Walking Shoe by OrthaheelAre you concerned about having a flat arch on your feet? If so, then the Vionic Action Walking Shoes should suit your needs just fine. This product is APMA-accepted, which means it is safe for individuals who have certain medical conditions and require a special type of footwear for their needs. In fact, these walking shoes have orthotics that aid in realigning your foot, so it returns to a natural and comfortable position to improve your posture.

These walker sneakers also have a Tri-Planar System for the footbed, which has a motion control function. The shoe has a deep heel cup and contoured arch support to meet the needs of people with flat feet. As for the other features, this product has a rubber outsole, EVA midsole with shock-absorbing functions and uppers made of mesh and leather. They run true to size. They provide excellent support and will help to relieve foot pain due to plantar fasciitis, knee pain and foot pain by correcting overpronation.

The Orthaheel shoes are little heavier than the New Balance shoes, but they provide better arch support than the New Balance shoes.


ECCO MOBILE IIIECCO MOBILE IIIMaking its way to this list of excellent shoes for flat-footed women, the ECCO MOBILE III offers excellent arch and foot support. Even if you need to walk or stand all day, there should be no amount of pain or discomfort associated with this product. The interior is cooling and soft, and the exterior is stylish and durable.

The lining is made of soft and smooth textile that provides the perfect temperature for your feet. There is also a direct-injected sole made of polyurethane for your maximum comfort. With leather uppers that are breathable and light, you can experience the highest level of comfort with these walking shoes for women by ECCO. People with flat feet and bunions will love the comfort they can get with these shoes.


Orthaheel VS New Balance Brand

New Balance shoes are lighter weight than Orthaheel. Also, New Balance shoes have more cushioning. And they are more durable than Orthaheel. New Balance shoes come in many widths including extra wide. Orthaheel shoes carry the seal of APMA acceptance but New Balance shoes do not have that APMA acceptance yet. However, some models of New Balance are Dietetic Medicare Approved.

These best walking shoes for flat feet women should ensure you of total satisfaction on the ultimate footwear that takes the stress and pressure off your feet.

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