Best Shoes for High Arches for Women

To have a comfortable pair of shoes for high arches, it is important that your shoes offer the right amount of adequate cushioning. High arches are not a very common problem. Some women who have inherited them may need the best shoes for high arches for foot pain relief. The high Arches also known as Cavus foot is a condition where the arch is raised. These type of arches cause more pressure on the heel and ball of the foot which can lead to heel pain, Metatarsalgia, and calluses and even plantar fasciitis. When you have high arches, the heel and ankle of your foot are likely to tilt inwards a condition called underpronation. This can create pain in the ankle, and even into your knee and hip joints because too much pressure is placed on the rear and outside of part of the foot.

Some people do not require any professional help with their high arched feet. However with wear and tear and loss of foot padding with aging, some people start feeling foot pain. The transverse arch becomes rigid and can not adapt to ground reaction forces. In this case, pain in the foot is most probably due to shock absorption problem or underpronation. See the podiatrist for custom orthotics if pain persists. Any pain in the arches should not be neglected.

Test yourself for High arches and Underpronation

  1. Wet your feet and stand on a brown paper bag. Step off and check your feet imprints. If you have high arches, then you will not see full feet prints, but only heel and toes.
  2. Now test yourself for supination or overpronation from worn-out shoe soles. You most probably supinate meaning rolling out ankles laterally.  If shoe sole is worn out on the lateral side, you have supination. If it is worn out on the medial side, then you overpronate.

What kind of shoes and insoles do you need for high arches?

High arches do not provide adequate shock absorption because they lack normal pronation but they have the tendency to supinate. To correct supination, neutral cushioning shoes are all that you need. These shoes do not have medial side support and do not provide stability. They have a soft midsole for shock absorption. These shoes are flexible and offer a lot of cushioning.

The shoes and insoles with extra cushioning built in will reduce the strain by distributing your weight evenly on the feet. The extra padding provides support and help in relieving the foot pain by absorbing shock.

Wearing the comfortable shoes that fit you properly are important. Over the counter insoles can also be used for additional cushioning. Do not wear flats. Wear low heel well-padded dress shoes if your job requires you to standing and walking for a prolonged time. Wear proper Neutral Cushioning shoes for a workout and any other high-intensity activity.

Also, you can perform simple stretching exercises, massage your arches by rolling on a tennis ball. Also, support your high arches with insoles and orthotics and with arch support shoes with extra cushioning. Heel pads can also be useful in relieving heel pain. Shoes with good arch support will help your weight to be distributed.

These are some of the most popular and Best shoes for High Arches for women.  The list includes walking shoes, running shoes and cross training shoes. These are all Neutral shoes that provide a maximum amount to cushioning for shock absorption and some of these shoes offer a lateral post for correction of underpronation.

Asics Gel Nimbus

Asics Gel NimbusIf you have high arches and need a pair of neutral cushioning shoes, then the Asics Gel Nimbus may be a solid choice for you. These shoes offer maximum cushioning for shock absorption which is an important feature when your feet are rigid. Other features that make these shoes perfect for high arches are the flexibility of midsole and the depth for the high instep. Made of the top quality materials and superb construction, these shoes are just what you need when it comes to long walks without experiencing a hint of pain or discomfort.

Regarding breathability, there is nothing to worry about with the Gel Nimbus. It comes with a mesh upper that is stretchy and comfortable at the same time. Your feet stay fresh and dry, and this is a major factor to think about since the last thing you want to feel cramped in a pair of tight shoes. For additional support, there is an external heel counter included, which reduces pain in the heels. What’s more, the midsole comes with double layers of flexible and supportive foam, as well as the breakthrough GEL cushioning located both in the forefoot and heel. If you purchase the women’s version of these shoes, the heel portion comes with an additional 3 millimeters cushioning.

For the outsole, you may find it a bit more traditional as there are larger pieces of rubber incorporated. However, this is designed to ensure maximum durability, combined with a flexible groove to make every gait enough efficient to minimize stress on your feet.

2. Brooks Glycerine 13 Running Shoe

Brooks Glycerine 13Another practical choice for good shoe ideal for people with high arches, the Brooks Glycerine 13 is indeed one of the best. There is neutral cushioning provided in these shoes, and the upper has a no-sew overlay feature. This means the upper wraps around your foot securely for enhanced comfort and ease. As for the broad overlay, there are some stitches for greater support on the midfoot.

As compared with the Nimbus 18, however, the Brooks Glycerin has no heel counter. So, there is not much support behind the heel, although overall, these shoes are still quite supportive and comfortable as the other ones available in the market. What it does is to support the upper properly at the midfoot. Also, you can experience greater comfort at the toe area because of reduced overlays at the toes. When it comes to cushioning, there is 25 percent more because it does not use a standard midsole foam that is found in other models. The entire midsole of these shoes also serves as a supportive crash pad.

As you step on the road with these shoes on, you will experience significant stress reduction on your legs. In fact, whether you buy the men or women version for these shoes, stress is reduced because of the rounded heel that offers equal distribution of pressure and excellent alignment of joints under the shoe.
There are three different zones found in the outsole that promotes weight distribution. This allows for a good level of ground contact under the midfoot, which translates to smoother and more efficient transitions from heel-to-toe. Lighter than the Gel Nimbus, you will not feel that these shoes are dragging you down with every stride.

3. New Balance 1080v6

New Balance 1080v6These New Balance shoes are known for their outstanding foam material that is a fusion of high-quality plush foam for added cushioning with a sophisticated design software to match the contours of your feet. The mesh uppers are engineered in a way that is luxurious and comfortable at the same time, so you can run long miles without experiencing fatigue or pain.
You can maintain the freshness of your feet, along with optimum support, thanks to the Ortholite sockliner. There is also an excellent bootie construction that goes well with instep heights and wraps around the foot in a secure manner. Other features include blown rubber outsole for slip-resistance, improved forefoot flexibility and a plush collar for your comfort. Compared with older versions, these shoes are more stable. There is also a more spacious toe box and better heel fit.

4. Saucony Triumph ISO 2

Making its way in this list of the best footwear for women with high arches, the Triumph ISO 2 by Saucony is worth every dollar you pay. It comes the advanced ISOFIT overlays, which ensures you with a secure fit that is more comfortable around the midfoot – even better than what you can get from the Gel Nimbus 18 and its FluidFit overlays. Furthermore, there is a right level of support on the heels, as made possible by the heel counter. You can get outstanding heel-to-toe cushioning that is not like your ordinary pair of athletic or walking shoes.

The midsole features the EVERUN, which facilitates ease under the foot due to the soft layer of foam, as well as a landing zone found in the heel area. You can expect better ground contact under your midfoot, which means every step you make is much smoother and more relaxed.

When it comes to quality shoes that are lightweight, soft and smooth, the Triumph ISO 2 is your best bet. Other advanced components you will love about this product include the RUNDRY collar lining to wick away moisture, ISOFIT for a snug and comfy fit that matches the shape of your feet, the Tri-Flex outsole for enhanced traction and flexibility.

If you need the best shoes for women with high arches, you are in luck by purchasing this product. There is a solid level of support that you can get from this footwear, along with unbeatable comfort and protection with every move you make.

5. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze Cross-Training Shoe

PUMA Women's Cell Riaze Cross-Training ShoeWhen it comes to cross training shoes for women with high arches, the Cell Riaze is a fine product to consider. This footwear is available in 6 different color schemes, and each looks chic and stylish to meet your preference. However, it is not just good looks that you will like about these shoes. In terms of support and cushioning, this product has it all. The only slight concern is that there is too much cushioning with these shoes, which often lead to a smaller fit. What you can do, however, is to buy one size up to achieve the perfect fit you want.

These shoes are suitable for a number of physical activities whether you need to do your gym exercises, or you want to go dancing. It is also a perfect sports shoe because of the snug fit, support and cushioning. You will also appreciate the lightweight feature of these shoes, but you may opt for another footwear if you are looking to perform tough workouts such as Insanity because of less lateral support.

6. Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking women Shoe

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking ShoeThis shoe is one of the preferred choices for those in search of walking shoes for women with high arches. It is reasonably priced through several retail outlets. The midfoot section has excellent cushioning, which is vital to ensure that the rest of the foot does not take too much of the impact when walking. Since those with high arches and inadequate arch support do not bear any weight on that part of the foot, it can worsen the problem if the proper footwear is not worn. These walking shoes are available in multiple sizes and four widths so you are certain to find the right one for your needs.

7. Asics Gel Neo 4

Asics Gel Neo 4The APMA has given their seal of approval to these shoes which have been designed to provide greater stability and support. The dual-density midsole system that is a part of their exclusive design has helped countless people to receive the support, shock absorption and flexibility needed to minimize or completely get rid of the pain associated with high arches.

If you have difficulties with high arches, then you know how challenging it can be to find shoes that offer the right support. This is especially the case when you are searching for shoes for walking and other forms of exercise. If your arch does not have the proper support, you can end up harming your feet and other parts of your anatomy, reducing the benefits of working out.

 8. Ryka Radiant Plus for Fitness Walking Shoe

Ryka Radiant Plus for Fitness Walking shoeAre you looking a shoe for fitness walking for high arches? Check out Ryka Radiant Plus cushioning neutral shoe. This shoe is designed for females only based on their unique foot structure and style of walking. They won the best shoes for Walking workouts in shape magazine. The EVA molded midsole with ReZorb provided a lot of cushioning and absorb shock and redistribute pressure to prevent foot injury. The Guidance heel reinforcement provides added stability. The Comfort Fit Precise cushioned footbed provided support and comfort.

Ryka walking shoes offer wide toe box, narrow heel, forefoot flexibility, heel cushioning and stability, Re-Sorb cushioning midsole for shock absorption and high volume instep which will help your high arch foot to accommodate comfortably without rubbing on the top. You will not need to insert insoles for additional cushioning.

These New Balance WW877 ‘ sole are similar to 577  sole, but they are designed for long walks.  These sneakers are neutral cushioning and are perfect for high arches because they are built on SL-2 last. The ABSORB cushioning in the midfoot provides an exceptional shock absorption which is very beneficial for the high arch feet. The walking path strike provides stability. These shoes are approved for Diabetic feet, and you may get reimbursement with doctor’s prescription. 

The shoe built on SL-2 last provides wide toe box with a narrow heel and can easily accommodate high instep feet.

10. New Balance 959v2 Country Trail Walking Shoes

Need a shoe for brisk walking through the woods but has a hard time to find an appropriate shoe for high arches? New Balance 959v2 are the perfect shoes that provide enough cushioning, stability and the traction of an aggressive outsole for walking on the uneven trails. it features a combination of water resistant leather mesh upper, IMEVA midsole for maximum shock absorption.




All these of these walking shoes make excellent choices for women like you suffering from high arches. Investigate them further to determine which on is right for you.

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