Best Walking Shoes for Women with Bunions

A bunion is a painful enlargement of bone on the side of a big toe. Based on a health report from Harvard Medical School, many women have bunions, or deformities of the MTP (metatarsophalangeal) joint located at the base part of the big toe. Primarily, this deformity develops once the first metatarsal bone of your foot points outward while the big toe turns inward. This condition causes the joint to simply jut out and become misaligned. If the bursa, or the sac surrounding the joint, becomes inflamed, you can experience stiffness and pain in the entire joint.

Relieve Pain from Bunions with the Right Footwear

There are several ways you can choose from to minimize or eliminate pain caused by bunions. These techniques can also help prevent a bunion from developing or progressing. Keep in mind that there is no need for you to undergo surgery because of bunions. An exception, though, is if the underlying deformity is too severe and impossible to resolve with therapy or conservative treatment options.

One of the best ways to relieve the pain and pressure on your foot is by wearing the right type of footwear for your condition. Highly recommended shoes are those with a flexible and wide sole that can support your foot well. The toe box should also be spacious enough to prevent cramping or exacerbating the bunion. Best options when it comes to footwear to buy include athletic shoes or sandals. Just be sure the footwear is made from high quality and soft leather.

Another feature of the best walking shoes for people with bunion is those with a sturdy and supportive heel counter. This is the part of the shoe that surrounds the help and prevents the foot from slipping. Most importantly, you should never buy shoes with a heel height that is over one inch.

For greater protection, you may purchase a gel-filled pad or moleskin at most drugstores. However, you should check first if this pad can fit inside your shoes. If you wish, you may consult an expert who can recommend shoe inserts that will help keep your foot properly positioned in your shoe as you walk.

Best Walking Shoes for Women with Bunions

These are among the finest brands of shoes that will provide roomy toe box, excellent arch support, and comfort for people who suffer from bunions.

Bunions can be caused by fallen arches and therefore wearing shoes to support arches properly may help in bunion pain relief.

 Asics Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4

Asics Gel-Tech WalkerOne of the most striking features of the Gel-Tech Neo is the GEL cushioning technology that is applied throughout the insole. With this component, you can obtain ample support and traction as you walk on rough surfaces. With the “Biomorphic Fit Upper”, this product has a medial bunion window that adds to your comfort and satisfaction. The upper has a biomorphic technology for reducing friction against the bunion. The toe box is also roomy to fit bunions. Indeed, you can walk comfortably and in style with this fantastic footwear model by Asics if you are suffering from bunions.

Tech Walker Neo 4  sneaker was designed with comfort in mind. Featuring an impact guidance system that helps enhance the natural stride while causing as little impact as possible. The biomorphic fit helps reduce shoe movement around the foot itself, preventing irritation during longer walks. One of the key features of the ASICS Women’s GEL-Tech Walker Neo 4 is the Trusstic system that has reduced the weight of the sole itself without damaging the integrity of the shoe. This allows your shoes to feel almost weightless.

Brooks Addiction Women Shoe

Brooks Addiction Women ShoeIf you are looking for the shoes for women with bunions? Then, you have come to the right place because this product is one of the most preferred shoes by women who suffer from this foot condition. The Brooks Addiction women shoe is a motion control type of shoe that is designed to give you an outstanding level of comfort all day. You will discover that unlike regular shoes, there is plenty of room in the interior to prevent pains or discomfort, along with keeping your pronation issue under control.

In fact, these shoes are recommended for individuals with flat feet, severe cases of overpronation or bunions. You can count on these shoes for maximum support, as this product is known to correct overpronation issues. With a roomy toe box, you will have no worries whenever you put on these shoes for casual or leisure walking purposes.

Whether you are in the park, the mall, or taking a leisurely stroll along the beach, these shoes should be perfect. Comfort and satisfaction are guaranteed, and your feet are going to thank you for choosing these shoes for your needs.

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking Shoe

Saucony ProGrid Integrity ST2Known for providing ample cushioning and support, the ProGrid Integrity ST2 Walking shoes by Saucony is a practical option for women who have problems with bunions and want nothing but sheer comfort for their feet. You will love these walking shoes because of the neutral cushioning, which is also ideal for underpronation concerns. With a roomy toe area and stretch construction, you will have plenty of room to move your toes and not feel cramped at the same time.

This product is designed for some foot-related issues whether it is bunions, high arches, and underpronation. There is plenty of cushioning provided, although it may be worth noting that the support is not as much as what you can get from Brooks Addiction Walker. Nevertheless, you should be able to experience an excellent level of support and comfort from these shoes with every step you make.

These shoes give you extra cushioning and support, particularly to the forefoot area. The ForeFoot Stretch Zone technology is responsible for the relaxed feel on the forefoot while enhancing your comfort with each stride. Also, an HRC is cushioning in the rear and forefoot, and this helps support your foot during the gait cycle, specifically the latter stages. You can also count on this feature to pamper the heel strike area by providing as much cushioning with the responsiveness that this portion needs.

As for the outsole, there is a solid grip and maximum traction, thanks to the WalkTrac Technology of the shoe. The outsole is made of a top-quality material for slip-resistance while enhancing stability and balance with every movement. With ample space in the toe box and exceptional support, these shoes can give you unbeatable walking performance along with the remarkable sense of comfort all day.

You can wear these shoes at the gym for you cardio workouts or simply stroll along the mall with a highly comfortable pair of footwear. These walking shoes by Saucony can provide you the right level of comfort and support you need to prevent any injuries or pain.

Ryka Sky Walking Shoes

Ryka SkyAre you are experiencing pains and discomfort from walking shoes because of your bunions? Ease your worries from now on, because the Ryka Sky walking shoe is a pleasure to wear for hours. This product is designed for those who have bunions, as well as wide-footed women who need comfortable shoes minus the hefty price tag.

What you can expect from these walking shoes by Ryka is just what you need – wide toe area, added cushioning, ample support and true to fit. In fact, this brand is much cheaper than either Saucony or Brooks, but it does not fall short of all the best features that bunion sufferers need for their walking shoes. The footbed is made of quality memory foam, and the midsole has lightweight molded EVA for proper support.

If you want great-fitting and supportive shoes for wide feet and bunions, then you can surely rely on these shoes. Even if you wear these shoes for hours and walk for miles, you will discover that your feet remain stable and free from pain. Plus, with lightweight materials used on these best walking shoes for women with bunions, you will feel like walking on air all the time.

New Balance ww928v2 Women Shoes for Bunions

New Balance ww928v2 Women shoes for BunionsIf you feel discomfort with your shoes after being on your feet for hours because of your job especially when you are suffering from painful bunions. If so, then you should switch to the motion control New Balance 928v2. The best thing about this product is its deep and wide toe box, which is spacious enough to accommodate bunions. Moreover, the back portions of these shoes are fairly narrow to keep your foot in place and prevent slippage. With superior motion control, light bulb last and diabetic-approved quality, these shoes are indeed the right option for you.

These shoes feature rocker sole, RollBar, ABSORB cushioning, full-grain leather, cushioned tongue and collar for comfortable fit. Try these 928 shoes to correct overpronation if you have low arches with bunions. These shoes provide a lot of support and cushioning. These shoes are available in several widths and white, black and brown colors. The insoles are removable, and this is the one of the most popular shoes for orthotic insertion.


ECCO BABETT Lace Up ShoeIn search of a comfortable pair of walking shoe that suits your bunion pain? Then, the ECCO Babett is your best bet. It has a soft and breathable leather upper that offers optimum comfort, as well as a padded collar for a snug fit without restricting your movements. This product also features the comfort ECCO Fit System that matches your foot type and eliminates pressure. So, whether you need comfortable shoes for work or leisure walks, then this footwear model is for you.

ECCO shoes come with ‘freedom fit’ that may help in reducing the bunion pain. These shoes also provide good arch support and removable insoles for orthotics. These shoes are flexible, lightweight and well cushioned.

 New Balance 847v2

New Balance 847v2Got issues with your old shoes when it comes to long distance walking? When you no longer feel comfortable with your footwear, then it is time to discover what the New Balance 847 offers. This excellent footwear has several features that will support the needs of people who have bunions. Among these brilliant features include the innovative bunion panel, upper mesh for enhanced breathability, spacious toe box, and narrow heel counter, ROLLBAR for stability and lightweight overall quality. As you walk around in these shoes, there is no pain or discomfort at all on your feet!

 New Balance 840 Walking Shoe

New Balance 840 Walking ShoeDiabetic-approved and suitable for people with bunions, the New Balance 840 neutral walking shoe delivers exactly what you can expect from a comfortable pair of walking shoes. With full leather upper, durable SL-2 last, wide forefoot, narrow heel area, removable insole and superb fit, you can obtain much support and comfort from these shoes.

This walking shoe is diabetic and orthotic friendly and it provides a lot of cushioning due to the ABSORB full-length cushioning insole. You can get reimbursement from Medicare with doctor’s prescription for this shoe.

Causes of Bunions

In most cases, shoes that have a narrow toe box can trigger bunions to develop. However, this type of footwear is not the cause of this problem. According to health specialists, bunions are hereditary issues since the structure and shape of one’s foot are inherited. It is also important to note that some foot types are more susceptible to bunions than others. For instance, loose tendons and joints, fallen and low arches increase a person’s risk of developing bunions. Also, people who have too round metatarsal head can reduce joint stability. Over time, this may lead to deformities once squeezed into narrow shoes with cramped areas for the toes.

It is also worth noting that high heels can worsen the problem with bunions as the body’s weight tends to tip forward. As a result, toes are further pushed into the front part of the footwear. This is also one of the reasons why more women suffer from bunions, as compared with men.

Several occupations can also contribute to a person’s susceptibility to bunions. Professionals who are required to walk or stand for hours such as nurses, teachers, traffic enforcers, and waiters are also prone to this condition. The same holds true among ballet dancers who need to stand on their toes during rehearsals and performances.

It is also typical for women to develop bunions due to pregnancy. It is at this phase of their life that hormonal changes occur, which can cause the feet to become flatten and the ligaments to loosen. Bunions can also result to complications among people with arthritis as the cartilage within the joint becomes damaged.

Reduce any pressure or pain on your foot due to bunion by wearing the right kind of shoe for your condition. This comprehensive guide to buying the best pair of walking shoes for bunions can help you select the perfect footwear designed to meet your needs.

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