Best Waterproof Hiking Boots for Flat Feet

When selecting the best boots for your outdoor excursions with flat feet, it is essential to be practical about your outdoor lifestyle and how your choice of hiking shoe/boot will complement it. Are your outdoor jaunts in rough terrains susceptible to sporadic periods of rainfall? For example, some people like to hike in caves, which can be wet and slippery. Alternatively, perhaps you do a light hike in moderate weather and a trail running shoe will suit your needs. Tough terrain shoes are usually separated into four classifications: mountaineering boots, hiking boots, hiking shoes, and trail runners. Therefore, it is best to do a bit of research before deciding upon the best waterproof hiking boot for your flat foot needs.


Waterproof hiking boots are perpetually a trade-off. In exchange for keeping your feet dry, you sacrifice some breathability. Also, your feet will feel like Sunday roasts if you’re hiking in a hot climate. This is because waterproofing inhibits moisture from evaporating quickly. If you step into water higher than your boot top and it seeps in, the waterproofing will hold it there and slow down the drying process. Nevertheless, waterproof hiking boots are recommended if you do a lot of hiking in damp climates or wet terrains.


The difference between women and men’s hiking boots is the width, length, and curve support. However, being practical when selecting your waterproof hiking boot is the best option. Don’t go for the most stylish boot. Select a boot that is durable and waterproof, and one that keeps your feet cozy and agreeable with an adequate sole that gives you enough support to walk through any terrain.


This article is going to take a look at the best lightweight hiking boots for women, so you can decide what features are the most important for you when choosing your hiking footwear. They all look stylish and stable; therefore, you have all the chances to be happy with your boots even if you made a random choice from this list.

KEEN Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

KEEN Women’s Targhee II Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Before you hit the road and go on a hiking trip, you need to wear the best waterproof hiking boots for flat feet. In particular, the Keen Targhee II Mid is made of premium waterproof leather to keep your feet dry during your outdoor trips, along with a breathable mesh upper and protective webbing for enhanced comfort. Even if you walk all day in these boots, it should not be a problem with these shoes that could last for a long time.

Another good thing about these boots is the mid-cut style. This allows for maximum support on your ankles while keeping the foot stable and secure the whole time. To provide you with added protection from harsh weather conditions, the interior of these boots are made of dry, waterproof and breathable materials. You will not have any concerns with keeping your feet fresh, dry and clean no matter how many hours you spend on hiking.

The footbed is designed to match the contours of your foot, and there is a Secure-fit lacing closure to give you a comfortable fit. The shank offers stability and the midsole with compression molded dual-density The dual density EVA midsole material offers arch support for your flat feet. The removable footbed allows enough room to insert orthotics. The ankle support prevents overpronation and keeps your feet stable during hiking.

Just keep in mind to purchase the right size of these boots for you. As a typical concern with Keens footwear, the sizing tends to run small. Hence, it is advisable to buy 1/2 size larger than your regular size to attain comfort and proper support. Other than this minor issue, you should expect nothing but satisfaction from these boots that are 100 percent waterproof, with a roomy toe area, supportive and comfortable to wear.

The Targhee II has unique features. First, it’s available in shoe and boot styles and one of the best hiking partners a woman can have. This robust hiking shoe/boot gives the support and comfort of an athletic shoe and the buoyancy and protecting mechanisms of a “ready to take on anything” hiking boot. Feet stay dry and hiking steps remain steady due to the waterproof nubuck upper along with a dry water resilient membrane. The Targhee II incorporates an S3 heel component with twofold thickness; compression shaped EVA midsole and a Metatomical EVA footbed. It’s an attractive hiking boot/shoe offered in an array of rich colors.

Merrell Siren Waterproof Mid Leather

These leather mid boots by Merrell are waterproof and comfortable for long hours spent walking or hiking in damp or wet areas. You can expect these shoes to last you for a long time as these are made of the finest full-grain leather for maximum durability. Even if these boots are frequently exposed to wet conditions, these should be able to sustain the moisture while keeping your feet protected from wetness or cold weather.

The footbed is anatomically shaped to match the contour of your feet. There is a particular Ortholite material to keep it properly supported at all times while offering an excellent level of cushioning. The foot frame is made of Q-Form EVA material that minimizes shock while aligning your stride. Also, the outsole provides a good degree of traction along with excellent grip that will prevent you from experiencing injuries from falls.

With a spacious toe box and ample support, these shoes are what you need to achieve maximum comfort. There is a right amount of traction provided, and you will love the fact that the leather is soft and flexible while ensuring your ankles of support with each step. Regarding aesthetics, these boots are truly stylish and elegant. You can wear these with your denim or skirt because of the versatile appeal. Just make it a point to buy boots that are half a size bigger to ensure the right fit for you.

Merrell Mojave Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot

Merrell Women's Mojave Mid Waterproof Hiking BootBegin your hike in style with the Chameleon Arc 2 Rival from Merrell. However, be warned: these shoes are very comfortable and require no breaking in. They’re the type of shoe you keep in the trunk of your car for sporadic nature walks. The Arc 2 is waterproof, breathable, fights odors, and would make Indiana Jones proud! Whether hiking, caving or trekking through mud or shallow rivers, this shoe offers full support. With nubuck suede leather, a mesh upper, and lace up closure, you have the ideal fit. The Vibram sole is great for grip and traction. The Arc 2 is definitive in trail shoes.

Ahnu Montara II Hiking Shoe

Ahnu Women’s Montara II Hiking Shoe

Made of the finest leather material, the uppers are also waterproof to keep your feet warm and dry at all times. You may come across rain and moisture during your hike, but these should not be a problem, as long as you have these shoes on. The Montara Boot gives you support and comfort in the instep, thanks to Ahnu’s Numentum technology. Each step is stable and secure, so you can prevent yourself from slipping or making unsure steps during your hike.
As for other components that contribute to your level of comfort, these boots feature a lacing system. You can customize the fit of the boot according to your preference, so the footwear does not feel too loose or too snug on you. What’s more, you can count on exceptional protection with the high-density EVA plugs found in the midsole while providing great flexibility in the heel area. The outsole also offers maximum traction and shock-absorbing features no matter what type of surfaces you walk on. As a result, there are no issues such as blisters or wet/cold feet each time you have these shoes on for the trip.
When it comes to sizing, these boots tend to run a bit small. So, buy a pair of boots that is 1/2 size larger than your usual size to avoid any discomfort. Whether you plan to use these shoes as rain boots or hiking boots, you can expect maximum that you need all the time.

The Ahnu Montara II is a low-cut hiking shoe that offers good ankle and arch support, adequate toe room, and keeps feet dry in hot weather. Because this shoe does not go above the ankle, there are fewer shoes and less weight making them even more comfortable for long walks. Ahnu offers a variety of splendid colors as well as comfort for the active hiker. The Montara II is designed with the revolutionary Numentum-technology, a system that encourages your foot’s instinctive biomechanics. It’s a lovely, feminine, rugged shoe suitable for a variety of taste.

Timberland Chocorua Trail Boot

An excellent pair of waterproof boots is what you need for a stress-free experience during your hiking trips. Thus, this Chocorua Trail boot is perfect for this purpose as it comes with every single feature you need to attain a high level of comfort with every step. For instance, there is a Gore-Tex membrane that is ideal for your outdoor activities whether it is a day hike or a camping trip. With lace-up closure and padded tongue and collar, you can experience comfort and support from these boots.

The inner and outer portions of these boots are both waterproof, and there is also a breathable component to provide for ample ventilation in keeping your feet dry and fresh. You can also remove the footbed made of EVA dual-density material for added comfort that you need. The midsole system has a cup and plate feature that serve as a shank, which holds the heel and the balls of your feet.

It is also worth mentioning that these boots feature the BSFP motion efficiency system. Since there are four different motions that take place with every movement – braking, flexing, propelling and supporting, the shoe offers ample support of each part of the foot at all times There are lugs under the foot’s arch and on the heel for stability and traction, as well as primary and secondary flex grooves to match the natural motion of your foot. As for the lugs located in the forefoot, these push you off efficiently when you climb or accelerate your steps.


KEEN Women’s Gypsum mid-Hiking Boot

This is indeed one of the best lightweight hiking boots for women, not only because of its stability and comfort but also because of its excellent moisture management capabilities. The KEEN.DRY waterproof membrane is breathable, enabling the feet to maintain an optimum level of moisture inside the boot. The S3 heel support system, the EVA midsole, the TPU shank and the Keen Metatomical footbed are only a few of the features that make this boot the perfect choice for women who want to minimize foot fatigue during long hikes and avoid developing blisters and pains.

The KEEN Gypsum is one of those low profile boots you can always count on, be it you run errands around the town or hike the tallest mountains. Thanks to its versatility, it will offer you the same comfort and control both on good weather and in harsh wintery conditions. This makes it perfect for hikes that imply sudden changes in the weather conditions when it’s difficult to have all suitable types of equipment with you.

2. Vasque Women’s Breeze GTX Hiking Boot

This is another breathable hiking boot model that Provides good stability and protection on the roughest terrain, as well as on regular trails. The boot is available in various widths, thus offering hikers with wide feet the chance of a plus of comfort without giving up on the protective features.

The Vibram Contact outsole has excellent traction and stability properties. If desired, the boot can be bought in the variant featuring the waterproof Gore-Tex technology. Even the laces are water repellent, so you don’t have to worry about getting soaked in the case of unexpected mountain rains that can come and go without prior notice.

The aggressive toe spring is perfect for rapidly climbing obstacles while the asymmetrical curve suits people with higher arches. The athletic fit of this boot recommends it for quickness and agility.

Functional and innovative, this is one of the best lightweight hiking boots for women today. Thanks to the range of available widths, everybody can find a performance fit that suits them best.

3. Hi-Tec Women’s Altitude Glide WP Light Hiking Boot

Made from waterproof nubuck, this boot enjoys an ultra-lightweight hardware that never rusts and a moisture wicking lining that will enable you hike in the most terrible rains ever. The Comfort-Tec contoured sock liner provided a very good level of comfort to the feet, thus allowing the hiker to walk for many hours without feeling any fatigue or pains in the feet. The best thing about this memory foam sock liner is that it takes the shape of the foot, thus becoming more and more comfortable with every step you take.

Despite the fact that the boot is very lightweight, it is very warm, being suitable even for winter hikes, in very cold weather. The feet will stay warm and dry no matter what the outside conditions may be. Besides, the boots are extremely durable and stable, so you can expect to enjoy them for many years and lots of hikes.

The sole is perfectly designed for enabling cushioning and balance at the same time. The TrekLite EVA midsole adds even more cushioning, for a plus of comfort. If needed, there is enough room for orthotics inside the boots. The soles have and excellent grip, so you won’t slide when hiking in the mud or on difficult terrain.

Salomon Quest 4D GTX Hiking Boot

Salomon is known for their commitment to creating innovative designs in boots, apparel, and skis while introducing groundbreaking concepts to footwear. An outdoors manufacturer, the Salomon Quest 4D GTX is a sturdy, lightweight hiking boot with a 4D advanced chassis, rubber protective toecap, and waterproof Gore-Tex lining. A great hiking boot for any terrain.


 Columbia Newton Ridge Plus-Wide Hiking Boot

The name says it all. This Newton Ridge wide hiking boot is great for wide feet, offering comfort and practicality at the same time. The shoe has good support and leaves room for heavy socks. Soft, flexible leather turns this hiking boot into a rather good-looking shoe. Waterproof construction shields against rain, light drizzle, and morning dew. Ventilation is assisted with breathable mesh on the inside. It’s a no-fuss boot that wears well.


Keep in mind that your trekking style should help you determine what type of hiking boot suits your needs best. Comfort should come before anything else.

Hiking is a very pleasurable activity; provided that you are fit enough to resist such efforts and that you have the adequate gear for it. Boots especially are important, because their quality ensures you have a gentle contact with the ground, a good grip and a firm support for your ankles, even when you need to walk on sharp rocks. Besides, the interior and the design of the boot need to be created for comfort, as they would need to feel good even after many hours of walking on technical terrain, in all types of weather.

Whatever your choice may be, you need to keep in mind that comfort and functionality are more important than looks when it comes to hiking boots. There may be more beautiful models of boots out there, they might even be cheaper than the ones we presented here, but usually you get what you pay for. It’s better to take advantage of modern technology that adds a plus of comfort and safety instead of just going for the looks.

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