My Skechers Go Walk 3 Review

I was in need of some new sneakers for everyday use. I looked throughout the internet for suitable shoes that were not only comfortable and affordable – but durable. I was sick of having a lot of my shoes only lasting three months of everyday use before having to be replaced. It seems as though the modern shoe market is full of sub-par and low-quality shoes. That being said, I think I have found the diamond in the rough, and that is the Skechers GO Walk 3. Hence, this Skechers GO Walk 3 review will show you just how great these sneakers are.


One of the most important factors in a shoe is the maneuverability. Flexibility is important if you want an everyday shoe that will not only be suitable for walking but for more strenuous activities such as running. The GO Walk 3 features patented GOImpluse and GO Pillar sensors which allow for flexibility which can’t be matched by any other shoe on the market. The patented technology shows just how advanced shoes have become as of late. I’ve taken the GO Walk 3 for such things as walking for fitness and walking on the concrete floor all day, and it has provided me with the support I’ve been craving for.



Skechers Go Walk 3 slip onAnother determining factor of a great shoe is its weight composition. Certain shoes require being heavy, however, everyday sneakers should be as lightweight as possible. Having lightweight sneakers gives the support needed for your feet so that they not get fatigued, which can lead to the development of such things as corns. The GO Walk 3 is the lightest sneakers that I have ever owned. The Resalyte midsole and outsole is a state of the art lightweight gel injection which makes the GO Walk 3 such a lightweight shoe. The shoes make you feel like you’re walking on air.


Skechers Go Walk 3 lace onAn important facet of maintaining foot health from sneakers is heel support. You should see your heels as the brain of your feet. The heels of your feet are pivotal in allowing for comfortable and efficient walking, running and so on. With this in mind, it’s important that shoes have proper heel support to ensure foot health and a comfortable experience. The GO Walk 3 has yet another patented Memory Form Fit technology utilized in the heel support of the shoe. This means that the shoe specifically molds to your unique heel shape. This calls for support which can’t be matched; I can tell you that the heel support has improved my running ability significantly.


Finally, the durability of the GO Walk 3 is something that shocked me. The GO Walk 3 utilize such things as patented synthetics and fabric edge trimming to ensure that the shoes can withstand many types of external factors. The mesh used in the formation of the shoes is truly an innovative material which calls for one of the most durable shoes that I have ever used.


I hope this Skechers GO Walk 3 review will show you the great merits that come with this type of sneaker. I highly recommended that you go out and try out the Skechers GO Walk 3 for yourself as it is a good shoe.


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