Most Comfortable Sneakers For Standing

Walk into just about any clothing store and shoe supply, and there seems to be an endless supply of shoes to choose from.  It seems like any easy task: Pick a comfortable pair of sneakers but what exactly do you have to look for to find the shoe for you?  Why don’t we take a closer look at the answer to this question, and as we go through we will even point out some familiar favorites that have some of the best reviews as the most comfortable sneakers for Standing?

To begin, you have to realize that everyone has different feet. It sounds redundant, but it has to be understood because what is comfortable and a perfect fit for one person can cause someone else great pain and discomfort. Why?  Well, you have to take into consideration a shoe’s components. Does it have comfortable Cushioning? How is the arch support?  Does it boast a thick midsole for added comfort and stability?  Lack of research can leave you with sore feet, and another thrown out a pair of so-called “comfy shoes”.

It is even important when you weigh in the different problems some have with their feet. Pronation and Supination are no walk in the park (no pun intended).  It is always recommended to take a simple wet test, which can tell you if you have flat or high arches and help you choose a shoe accordingly.  If you believe you have a gait problem, you can go to your local store and get a gait evaluation.  This is especially beneficial for those who may be overweight since they need to wear sneakers with thick soles for added stability. Also, if heels are in the picture is sure to keep them less than 2 inches, and pointed heels hold a rather significant risk of further detriment, and should be avoided.

So with so many variables to look out for, what are some of the most comfortable sneakers for standing on the market?  Why don’t we see 5 of the most highly recommended sneakers for comfort?  Then you can see which might be the shoe for you.

1. RYKA Radiant Shoe Neutral Shoe

RYKA Women's Radiant most comfortable ShoeFirst on the list is RYKA Radiant Shoe. One of the most comfortable walking and standing sneakers for women, this footwear by RYKA offers excellent arch support to prevent strain with every step. These shoes are made of lightweight and breathable materials, which keep your feet dry and cool at all times. There is also outstanding cushioning provided on the footbed, which promotes shock absorption. The arch of the foot is well supported, as well as the heel and toes.

These RYKA Radiant Shoes for women feature multiple flex grooves located in the outsole, and these give you a well-supported and natural stride. Also, there is a sock liner made from soft materials that eliminate any form of discomfort or blisters each time your foot rubs against the shoe interior. With all of these features, it is not surprising that these shoes have received numerous positive reviews on Amazon from actual product users and won the best fitness walking shoe in shape magazine.

If you are overweight, need a shoe for wide feet, or just need a lot of cushioning for extended time standing or walking, Try Ryka Radiant shoes.

2. Brooks Addiction Walker for Overpronation with Flat Feet

Brooks Addiction Walker most comfortable shoesMaking its way in this list of comfortable standing sneakers for women, Brooks Addiction Walker is another must-have that is worth every dollar you spend. It offers control and correction for severe overpronation while keeping the low arches properly supported. The HydroFlow technology improves shock absorption and midsole cushioning, and there are fluid units in the forefoot and heel for added comfort.

These shoes are made of full-grain leather for the upper to promote comfort and durability. There is also a textile lining that is soft to the touch, plus a removable insert in case you want to put on your orthotics. As for the middle arch, there is the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, and this is responsible for pronation control at the medial arch of your feet. With sophisticated features for the midsole and outsole, your feet remain in balanced position for superior flexibility, stability and motion control.

Why do we recommend this shoe?

if you need a motion control walking shoe for flat feet with severe overpronation, this is a shoe for you.

3.  Clarks Wave. Treck Sneakers

Clarks Women's Clarks WaveThe third sneaker to get your eye on is the Clarks Women’s Clarks Wave.Trek Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker.  While also taking advantage of the durability of leather, the sole is more synthetic.  It comes with a removable footbed so that Orthotics could be used if you find that necessary in your case.  It can be hard to find a custom shoe, which is why this model has an internal EVA heel wedge that positions your feet to make walking easier.  And any motion is made effortless because it takes advantage of the profile heel kicker (rocker), special heel, and toe support.  Lastly, it is good to note that Clarks Wave collection come with the complete seal of acceptance and authority from the APMA. One side note: these shoes come in 12 different colors and styles to suit whoever wants to enjoy them.

4. Asics Gel-Tech neo4  Neutral Shoe

Asics Gel Tech neo 4 Women Comfortable ShoesWhy put up with your old pair of sneakers that are too uncomfortable to wear, when you can get the finest walking shoes with all the right features you need? The Asics Gel Walk Neo 4 offers a combination of style and functionality that you want on your footwear. It features the Trusstic System that minimizes the weight of the sole while keeping the shoe’s structural integrity intact. There is also the DuoMax Support System that boosts stability and support and ensures your comfort in each step. There is a medial side bunion window that helps in reducing the pain of bunions.

Your feet stay dry and cool, thanks to the breathable mesh for the uppers with synthetic overlays. These shoes also prevent irritation and discomfort on your feet with the help of the Biomorphic Fit upper features that limits buckling. If you want to use an orthotic, you may do so by removing the sock liner that comes with mesh lining. For your protection and safety, these shoes also have the 3M reflectivity, which keeps you visible when running or walking in low-light conditions. Whether it is the midsole, forefoot, and rear foot, you can expect excellent cushioning from these shoes for impact protection and shock absorption anytime, anywhere.

If you need a walking shoe for neutral arches, high arches or flat feet with normal pronation and have bunions, try Asics Gel Neo-Tech 4.

5. The Dansko Shayla Fashion Sneaker

The Dansko Women's Shayla Fashion SneakerThis brings us to comfy shoe number three: The Dansko Shayla Fashion athletic Sneaker.  The five different color styles this shoe comes in all boast a durable leather face as well.  The difference this shoe brings though is in the mesh outer shell.  The mesh allows a cooling effect and air to pass freely for added breathability for your feet.  The footbed is also ergonomically contoured, and capable of supporting multi-densities cushioning along with an excellent arch support which will reduce the pain of plantar fasciitis.  Stain resistant upper and slip-resistant outsole makes it a safe pair as well.  The comfortable, sporty style of these shoes is just a bonus for standing all day.

 6.  Propet Washable Walker Sneaker

 Propet Women's Washable Walker SneakerNumber six comes knocking, and it is the Propet Washable Walker Sneaker.  This particular sneaker is perfect for walking and is another thick sole comforter.  It is esteemed for its 1-inch thick heel and its leather outer with a washable fabric.  It has a very lightweight molded EVA midsole which means you might as well walk barefoot with these light and comfy shoes.  The final benefit is the removable cushioned insole.  It can be inserted, and removed at will, and can also be combined with other insoles for added support and comfort.


7.Women’s Walking Shoe by Orthaheel

Women's Walking Shoe by OrthaheelIf you need the most comfortable walking sneakers for women, then the Ortaheel shoes should be a suitable option for you. It helps maintain the alignment of your stride, as the footwear comes with removable orthotic that is designed by podiatrists and incorporated with anti-bacterial protection. The footbed features a contoured design for arch support and comfortable heel cup that ensures a healthy gait.

These walking sneakers for women have an EVA material for the midsole and rubber for the traction outsole. It also comes with mesh lining that wicks away moisture to keep feet dry. Lastly, there is a polyester material for the sock liner and upper lining, and full-grain leather components for the mesh upper. Hence, your feet are properly supported and cushioned for maximum comfort.

8. Skechers Go Walk 3 Performance Walking Shoe

Skechers Go Walk 3 Performance Walking ShoeLooking for the best type of footwear that supports your feet while keeping them comfortable and dry all day? Then, the Skechers Go Walk 3 for women is worth considering for your needs. It comes with impressive components such as the GogaMat Technology packed with high-rebound cushioning for optimum arch support and stability with every stride. The GO Pillars technology, on the other hand, features a shock-absorbing outsole and midsole.

As for the interior, these shoes have the FitKnit structured mesh fabric with breathable components to ensure total comfort of your feet. There is also memory foam padding placed around the heel, which prevents scratches or bruises. As for the midsole, there is a Resalyte material that features a lightweight injection-molded component coupled with memory retention features to absorb impact. The traction sole also has the multi-directional design that prevents you from slipping while ensuring your balance and stability. Lightweight and durable, the Go Walk 3 is a great addition to your collection of comfortable pairs of walking  and standing sneakers for women.

9.  Finn Comfort  Soft Soho Fashion Sneaker

Finn Comfort Women's Soft Soho Fashion Sneaker This Finn Comfort  Soft Soho Fashion Sneaker durable comfort comes with a leather exterior and a rubber sole.  The heel itself measures approximately 1 inch, and it is one of the most well-ventilated shoes with air circulation provided.  This is due to the leather lining which helps the shoe to be breathable for added comfort.  It also brings a contoured arch for support. A comfort must!


 10. Skechers Premium Sneaker

Skechers Women's Premium SneakerLast but most certainly not least is the Skechers Premium Sneaker for standing on feet all day.  This is a simple shoe for the simple shoe buyer.  It is leather as well and comes with a manmade sole which speaks for itself regarding walkability.  The hardest part of walking is the shock we give to our feet and knees, but this particular model makes up for that with a durable rubber outsole which helps with added shock absorption and more traction.  If all of this isn’t enough, to help your ankles feel comfortable, it comes with a padded tongue and collar, which also ease the process of putting and taking off the shoe.



Many women work in professions, which require long periods of walking or standing. If the shoes are not comfortable, then it is common for the feet to become either achy or sore by the end of a long shift. In the long term, a person may even develop painful pediatric problems such as plantar fasciitis. This can be avoided by wearing sneakers with good cushioning and excellent arch support.

Choosing the most comfortable sneakers for standing or walking is important in preventing injuries or strain, which may occur when you wear the wrong footwear. These highly recommend shoes are known for their outstanding features that keep your feet properly supported, well-cushioned and stable with each step you make.

So while it is true, every foot is different, it is possible to find the right shoe for you.  Keeping in mind the arch support, cushioning, midsole and stability are just the basics. Being checked for possible foot conditions is important, and can give you peace of mind knowing what shoe to buy for you.  We have briefly gone over ten different shoes that commonly get the title as the most comfortable sneakers for women. 1. Finn Comfort Women’s Soft Soho Fashion Sneaker 2. Clarks Women’s Clarks Wave.Trek Lace-Up Fashion Sneaker 3. Dansko Women’s Shayla Fashion Sneaker 4. Propet Women’s Washable Walker Sneaker and 5. Skechers Women’s Premium Sneaker.  Be sure to look a little further into these shoes and find the one that is best for you.  The next time you are in the shoe store, you will know exactly what to get.


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